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Local teen who went missing after meeting man online speaks out

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (91)
Miami Police

A Miami teen who was reported missing is speaking out about the incident.

15-year-old Jeimy Henrriquez is now safe at home after she disappeared for two days with a man she met online.

Henrriquez told Local 10 that she began chatting with the unknown man on WhatsAPP about six months ago. On Saturday she allegedly told the man where she lived and willingly left her home in his vehicle.

Henrriquez says the 22-year-old man reportedly took her to a home in the Philadelphia area. The teen also reported that though she called her mother at one point crying, she never once felt like she was in danger. Henrriquez says she called because she was hungry and cold.

Authorities were able to ping Henrriquez’ phone in North Carolina and brought her home.

The suspect is not in police custody. It is unclear if authorities have identified him.

The teen’s mother says she’s going to keep a closer eye on her daughter’s online activity.