Local Surgeon Fined $3K After Removing Woman's Healthy Kidney

(AP Photo/Molly Riley)

The Florida Board of Medicine has fined a West Palm Beach surgeon $3,000 after he removed a woman’s healthy kidney believing it was a tumor.
The incident occurred in 2016.
Maureen Pacheco went into the clinic for a back operation where Ramon Vazquez was the surgeon responsible for prepping her so that two other surgeons could perform the surgery.
When Vazquez cut Pacheco open, he noticed what he believed was a cancerous tumor near her pelvis area. He then took it upon himself to cut it out without reviewing the patient’s records or getting the patient’s consent.
The cancerous tumor it turns out, was actually one of Pacheco’s kidneys that never ascended into her abdomen.
Vazquez was sued for malpractice and settled the case for a nominal amount. He is now required to attend training on preoperative patient evaluation.
Pacheco also sued two primary doctors who each settled in the amount of $250,000.