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Local Singer Apologizes for Racist Rant in Nail Salon

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A Pompano Beach independent recording artist says she’s sorry for a racist rant which, unbeknownst to her, was captured on cell phone video at a nail salon. In her apology, Corina Monica says: It’s never okay to act as I acted it’s never okay to spread filth that came out of my mouth I am ashamed and I apologize to y’all , the salon, Kelly, the Asian community I love ❤️ everything about your culture And I was Wrong! Every one of you are beautiful, the way god made you, Asian, black , Hispanic, white your my brothers and sisters and I will never disrespect you Again!!! On my life I’m sorry. According to WPLG, Channel 10 in Miami, the tirade started when a nail technician was unable to finish a full set of Corina Monica’s acrylic nails. In her offending rant, Monica begins by saying: “You took my nails off, what am I supposed to do now?” One of the employees tells her she can have her nails done by another professional. Monica fires back. “Oh, that’s real professional.” The video was posted on Twitter account Fifty Shades of Whey (WARNING: Graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.) She then asks the woman, “Where you from?” Monica who apparently was not aware she is being recorded when she says: “Why do you come to this country, work here, and don’t do what’s right for our citizens? You make money, you live in my country and you’re going to tell me you can’t do my nails b***tch?” https://twitter.com/CorinaLucaciu/status/1283105055068098563?s=20

After more profane remarks, she tells the nail salon employee:

“Go back to your f-in country.”

The employee replies to Monica, “I’m not even going to say anything to that.”

Monica retorts: “B****. I’m smarter than y’all. As a matter of fact, b****, I’m an independent artist, recording artist, and I’m going to “f***ing blow the f**** up.”

She then tells them that someday they are going to want her to have her nails done at the salon.

“Check me out, Corina Monica, Stay Flossy.” “Stay Flossy” is the title of one of her songs.

She concludes the encounter by saying, “I hope you f***ing lose this place and you go the f*** back to your country.”

On Friday, Monica issued an apology on Instagram:

Monica describes herself as an independent artist, songwriter and entertainer from Pompano Beach on reverbnation.com. She was born in Romania and moved to Florida at the age of 9.

She adds that growing up in South Florida had a major influence on her style.