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Local mother upset after she finds her daughter left alone at daycare

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A local mother is reporting that she found her 2-year-old daughter alone and locked inside of her Plantation daycare when she arrived to pick her up.

The incident was reported at the KinderCare Child Care Center in Plantation, Florida just after 6:00p.m.

The mother’s friend Samantha Scaramellino, posted about the incident on Facebook.

Scaramellino said that she received a panicked phone called from the child’s mother after she arrived to the daycare and found that all of the lights were off and the doors were locked.

The mother Stephanie Martinez, reportedly asked Scaramellino if she picked up her two-year-old to which Scaramellino replied that she did not.

Scaramellino then advised Martinez to bang on the doors and windows to see if someone was still inside.

After doing so, the child appeared in one of the windows. That’s when Martinez called authorities.

The Plantation Fire Department was able to pry the building’s doors open to let the child out, according to an incident report. The girl was checked out by paramedics and did not need any medical treatment.

KinderCare closes for the day at 6 p.m. but usually stays open for parents who regularly pick up their children late.

The assistant director of the daycare came to the location after the incident and told police she and another teacher were the last two employees on the premises. Both left at around 6:20 p.m. and the mother arrived around eight minutes later to pick up her child, the incident report said.

While reporters did not receive a response as to why the child was left in the daycare alone, Scaramellino says she was told it was possibly due to staffing shortages.

KinderCare issued a statement saying while they were thankful the child was quickly found, the incident should have never happened. Several agencies are now investigating.

A KinderCare spokesperson did however, report that the employees involved in the situation have since been placed on administrative leave.