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Local man ties dog to back of truck and drags her down roadway


(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL)– The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man who reportedly tied a dog to the bumper of his truck and dragged the animal down the road.
The incident occurred on Lantana Road between Military Trail and Lawrence Road on Oct. 9th.
Authorities say another motorist noticed the vehicle dragging a white French Bulldog mix and got the attention of the driver, believing it was a mistake.
The driver got out of the vehicle and put the dog in the bed of the truck before driving off.
The witness was able to take some pictures and reported the incident to the police.
Along with the help of PBC Animal Care & Control, PBSO detectives located the suspect and identified him as 45-year-old Lisandro Arellano.
At first, Arellano identified himself as the dog’s owner, but authorities later determined that the dog belonged to a family member who entrusted Arellano with the dog’s wellbeing.
Officials also found that Arellano did not seek treatment for the dog and handled her in an inhumane way.
He has since been arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on a $3,000 bond.