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Local man ran over twice while working on truck


A 54-year-old Florida man is in critical condition after he was ran over twice by his truck while working on it.

The incident occurred in the Village Commons neighborhood in West Palm Beach Thursday afternoon.

West Palm Beach Police say the man was working on his truck that was running without a key when suddenly it began to roll backwards.

The man then attempted to get into the vehicle to stop it from rolling but was thrown from the truck.

The truck then rolled over the victim before hitting another car.

A witness then tried to secure the vehicle, however, the vehicle continued to roll and ran over the victim a second time.

An officer who was in the area, was able to secure the vehicle and stop the victim from being run over a third time.

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue officials arrived on the scene and eventually made the decision to cut the engine in order to turn the vehicle off.

The victim was transported to an area hospital in critical condition.