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Local man pleads guilty to the kidnapping and murder of his wife

AP Photo_John Raoux (6)
Jupiter Police

Local police are reporting that a man accused of killing his wife and hiding her body has agreed to a plea deal in exchange for telling them where they could find her body.

44-year-old David Anthony plead guilty to the kidnapping and murder of his wife Gretchen Anthony on Monday afternoon.

According to the report, Gretchen Anthony was last seen on March 26th. Her family contacted authorities after receiving several strange text messages from her phone and not being able to get in touch with her otherwise.

Authorities eventually began investigating Gretchen’s case as a missing person’s case.

A neighbor told authorities that around 6:30 a.m. the last morning Gretchen was seen, she heard a “blood curdling scream” coming from the Anthony’s home. She then heard what was believed to be Gretchen saying “No, no it hurts.”

After further investigation, authorities discovered that David was the last person to see Gretchen alive.

Officials eventually found him in New Mexico in May and extradited him back to Florida on second -degree murder and kidnapping charges.

Despite the “typical” life-sentence that goes along with a second-degree murder charge, prosecutors struck a deal for David to serve only 38 years behind bars if he gave up the location of the remains.

Authorities say the family was just wanted to give their daughter a proper burial.

Immediately after the hearing, David’s lawyers sat with police and told them where they could find the body.

The Jupiter Police department says crews located what is believed to be Gretchen’s remains in the area of Bush Road and Indiantown Road around 3:30pm Monday.

They are unsure how she died at this time.