Local Man Arrested After Recording Conversations with Wife


A Palm Beach Gardens man was arrested after authorities said he recorded private conversations with his wife and posted them online without her consent.  According to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, a woman contacted them claiming her husband, Justin Hair whom she was separated from, had been reportedly recording several of their private phone calls and posting them to his Facebook page.  The woman then told authorities that she found out about the post through one of his cousins and had not given him permission to record or post the conversations.

During an investigation into the claims, Hair admitted to recording the conversations but said that he was only doing it because the two were in a custody battle for their two children and he wanted to expose his wife for the “false allegations” she was making against him and to show his friends and family her behavior towards him.

Hair was arrested and charged with illegal use of a device to intercept communication.  According to our  news partners at CBS12, Florida is a two-party consent state which makes it a crime to intercept or record a “wire, oral, or electronic communication” unless all parties to the communication give their consent.



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