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Local man accused of intentionally running over girlfriend and children

AP PhotoJohn Raoux - 2022-03-04T132641.365
Volusia Sheriff’s Office

A man in the Stuart area has been arrested after he intentionally ran over his girlfriend and her children at a gas station.

The incident occurred at the BP gas station in DeLand on Thursday afternoon.

Authorities say 29-year-old Nicholas Shaw and his girlfriend got into an argument in the car while traveling back to Stuart.

They then pulled over into the gas station and that’s when the 30-year-old woman got out of the vehicle and started getting her children out as well.

At one point during the argument, the woman told Shaw that he was not taking her infant son.

The woman was reportedly holding her 3-year-old daughter in one hand as she attempted to tried to pull her infant son from the car.

That’s when Shaw reversed the vehicle, striking her, the 3-year-old, and the woman’s 10-year-old daughter who was standing next to her.

Shaw then drove off from the scene, with the door still open and the woman’s infant son in the backseat.

He later returned.

Authorities reported that the 3-year-old was ran over by the tire. All of the girls were said to have scrapes and suffered possible spinal injuries.

None their injuries, however, appear to be life threatening.

Shaw  has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, neglect of a child, and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.