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Local landlord accused of voyeurism video

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A West Palm Beach landlord has been arrested after he allegedly hid cameras and spied on several of his tenants over the course of years.

61-year-old Steven Fair was arrested on Wednesday after an investigation found that he targeted at least four of his residents.

One of the residents, a 21-year-old woman told authorities that while she lived at Fair’s residence on Monroe Drive, he would often make sexual comments towards her including asking if he could “borrow her for 1k,” and suggesting that they could go to a nude beach together.  When the woman denied Fair’s advances, he asked her to move out and told her that it was because a relative was moving in.

The woman who only lived at the apartment from August 2020 to September 2020 says once she moved out, she began receiving calls and text messages from a man claiming to have nude videos of her that he posted online.

The 21-year- old says she eventually recognized the voice as Fair’s and decided to call the number in March to speak to him about the situation.  The woman says Fair would not admit to being the person who made the threats on the phone but reiterated many of the messages she received from the number.  He then told her that what happened to her was “karma because she left the apartment a mess.” When the woman asked Fair if he recorded her, he only said that he “got the last laugh.” The woman then questioned how Fair knew the things he knew about her and he responded saying “That should raise a red flag for you, huh?”

Another resident who lived with Fair from January through May 2008, told police that once she moved out she began receiving phone calls from a man describing her body and stating that he had nude videos of her. The woman eventually identified the caller as Fair and filed a video voyeurism report against Fair on Feb. 12, 2013.

When authorities searched Fair’s portion of the residence, they found small drill holes in places that would allow him to spy on his tenants. Authorities also reported that one of the walls even appeared to have a face print on it.

During a police interview, Fair admitted to calling the women and harassing them.

Fair now faces charges of video voyeurism and stalking.

Police say Fair targeted at least four women, however, they believe there may have been more victims.

“We know for certain that additional people rented from him,” Sgt. David Lefont said. “Whether they’re victims or not, we have to establish that.”