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Local car wash employee gets into hit-and-run DUI crash with customer’s car


(BOCA RATON, FL)– A 20-year-old car wash employee was arrested after she reportedly got into a DUI hit-and-run crash while driving a customer’s car without permission.
The incident occurred last Thursday and involved an employee of Miracle Car Wash.
Police say they began investigating the incident after the customer contacted them stating that the employee, Paula Valentina Rincon Delgado, was involved in a crash with his vehicle and he feared she may have injured someone and investigators would believe it was him.
The customer also reported that he left his vehicle at the business to be serviced and did not permit Delgado to drive his vehicle.
Authorities arrived at the car wash to find the customer, Delgado, and her manager near a damaged Toyota Highlander.
Through an interpreter, Delgado told police that she ended her shift around 6:00 p.m. and went home. Around 9:00 p.m. she met up with some friends and went back to the car wash.
Delgado reportedly grabbed the customer’s car and drove to a gas station to buy cigarettes.
While she was still driving the vehicle, she was involved in a car crash. Delgado then drove back to the car wash and immediately called her manager.
The manager reported that Delgado called him around midnight to tell him what happened.
He then drove to the business and found Delgado in the wrecked vehicle and contacted the customer.
Delgado reported that she did not know what she hit or where the accident occurred, but she believes it may have been a wall somewhere in Boca.
Authorities reported that Delgado smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech and that her eyes appeared bloodshot and glassy.
She was given a field sobriety test but refused to give a breath sample.
Delgado has since been charged with grand theft auto, DUI, leaving the scene of a crash, and driving without a valid license.