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Local bride and caterer arrested after drug-laced food served at wedding

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A South Florida bride and her caterer are facing charges after they reportedly served drug-laced food at a wedding without the consent of the guests.
The incident was reported at a community clubhouse in Longwood, Florida.
Seminole County deputies say they were called to the area on February 19th after several guests at a wedding for Danya and Andrew Svoboda became ill.
When they arrived, they found county Fire Rescue personnel treating the guest for “symptoms consistent with that of someone who has used illegal drugs,” according to the report.
Investigators collected the glassware and food from the wedding and found that the lasagna later tested positive for THC.
A deputy asked the couple whether or not they requested or consented to cannabis laced food.
Authorities reported that the husband replied no.
During the investigation, one guest told investigators that after she realized she was high, she asked Danya if “she had put marijuana in the olive oil,” the affidavits say. The guest told a deputy Danya answered “yes” and “acted excited,” according to the documents.
Officials eventually found that Danya “agreed to and allowed Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant to lace the food she served … with cannabis unbeknownst to the attendees, many of whom became very ill and required medical attention,” according to the report.
Both Svoboda and Bryant have are charged with culpable negligence, delivery of marijuana, and violating Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act.