LIVE: Violent Uprising Underway in Venezuela

There is escalating violence, chaos and tear gas in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela today as military uprising is underway against socialist Nicolas Maduro.
Opposition leader Juan Guaido is trying to force out president Nicolas Maduro who up until now has had the backing of the military.

Watch GRAPHIC video as a armoured truck runs over pro-Guaido protesters in the street.

In a video message, Guaido said he had the support of troops to begin what he called the final phase to end Maduro’s presidency.
There is sporadic fighting and tear gas being launched in the streets of Caracas between forces loyal to Guaido and Maduro.
Maduro’s government calls it a small-scale uprising and accuses Guaido of launching a coup.
Guaido has been in a war of words with Maduro since he declared himself the legitimate interim president in January, with the backing of the United States.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. fully supports the people of Venezuela in their quest for freedom.
In a tweet today, Pompeo noted opposition leader Juan Guaido start of Operation Libertad, which urges the Venezuelan people and the military to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

In another tweet, National Security Adviser John Bolton said the military must stand with the people of Venezuela.