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Let’s Review The Left’s Latest Mind Trick Attempt – “Don’t Say Gay”


By Stephen Diener

850 WFTL contributor and SFL Morning show producer


Before a historic war broke out in Europe this past week, a big story that was being peddled by the media mafia was about a proposal right here in Florida being dubbed the “don’t say gay” bill. In layman’s terms, the whole idea of the bill is to hold of on LGBTQ+ education to within a certain age group, but the left media and their puppets would have you believe that DeSantis is pushing homophobic legislation, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality of the proposal and the situation is that this bill is no more homophobic than it is anti sex education. They tell you it’s all about not saying “gay” in front of kids when the whole idea is really just about age appropriate education for our children.

I say this as a father who is not ready to have the birds and the bees talk just yet with his two elementary school aged kids. And you know why that is? Because they are too young! It really is just that simple.

I and many other parents would feel the same way about this if the left were trying to teach our kindergarteners about how babies are made. Why would we do that? There’s a reason why sex ed isn’t taught until middle school, so why should this be any different?

All this boils down to is common sense, lets teach our kids things at the right stages, when they can understand them more fully during their development. Would we try to teach our 1st graders how to do algebra before learning basic math? Would we give them a copy of “War and Peace” to read before having them figure out how to sound out their vowels? The simple answer is no, whether those on the left want to admit it or not.

If this bill was actually some type of anti gay measure, than I and many others would be the first ones to say that this is despicable and has no place in our society. But it’s not that, no matter how much CNN wants you to believe it.

In crazy times such as these that we are living through, let’s take some time to really sit back and think about what makes sense in our lives. And in this case, not teaching our 5-10 year old’s about sexual relations makes sense to me.

Remember KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.