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“Let’s Go Brandon” pops up on Florida drug store sign

Boston College Syracuse Football
A sign reading “Let’s go Brandon” is displayed on the railing in the first half of an NCAA college football game between Boston College and Syracuse in Syracuse, N.Y., Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021. Critics of President Joe Biden have come up with the cryptic new phrase to insult the Democratic president. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)

The manager of a Sarasota Walgreens says was unaware that letters on the large, lighted sign in front of her store had been rearranged to read “Lets Go Brandon,” code for “F Joe Biden.”
The sign had previously been advertising COVID vaccinations, flu shots and job openings.

At least one person posted the sign on Twitter that she would not be visiting this Walgreens again, along with the hashtag #BoycottWalgreens.
The phrase “Lets Go, Brandon!” was born in October after a reporter tried to cover up “F Joe Biden” chants from the crowd after a NASCAR race.
NBC television reporter Kelli Stavast was trying to interview driver Brandon Brown about his win when the crowd began loudly chanting “(Expletive) Joe Biden” in the background. Stavast laughed and said hey they are chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”
“You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon!'” Stavast said.