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Legal expert explains why “Florida has best election system in the country”

Arjan Walia
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

(FLORIDA) — J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation says Florida has its act together when it comes to elections…and election security.

He points to the state elections crime branch which Governor DeSantis proposed to ensure Florida’s elections are run “by the book.”

Adams says Florida has a great tool kit to keep the voter rolls clean that other states don’t possess.  For example, if you get out of jury duty in Florida by saying you are a non-citizen, that information is sent to the election office to clean up the voter rolls.

Adams says three states still worry him, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, because “they were a mess in 2020 and nothing ever changed since then because the governors in those places vetoed or killed any good legislation.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation’s lawyers have served in the United States Department of Justice Voting Section, and have fought for years in the election integrity space.  They defend election integrity and the Constitutional presumption of state control over elections in courtrooms across the country.

Florida voters have until Aug. 13 to sign up to receive a mail-in ballot for the primary, although they can still sign up and receive a mail-in ballot in person at elections offices after that. Mail-in ballots have to be received at elections offices by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Aug. 23.

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