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Lawsuit officially filed for woman who fell to her death from open draw bridge

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The family of the 79-year-old woman who fell to her death due to a bridge tender’s negligence has officially filed a lawsuit against the bridge tender and the company manages the bridge.

The suit was filed Monday in a Palm Beach County court.

Carol Wright was said to have been walking her bike across the Royal Park Bridge last month when the bridge tender, Artissua Paulk, opened the bridge to let a boat through.

Wright was still walking across the bridge as it began to open. She then is said to have fallen 40 feet from the bridge, onto the concrete below.

The bridge tender told investigators that she did not see Wright on the bridge even after checking the bridge on three separate occasions.

Investigators, however, found evidence that Paulk lied about doing a visual check of the bridge before lifting it.

She was arrested on a manslaughter charge.

Wright’s family discussed suing Paulk and the company for negligence and have since officially did so. In addition to monetary damages, they are looking “to enact change to preclude this preventable tragedy from occurring in the future.”