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Law passed requiring drunk drivers to pay child support if parents killed in crash

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A new Tennessee law will now require drunk drivers involved in fatalities where children lose their parents to pay child support for those children.

The law titled “Bentley’s Law,” passed in the House on Monday.

Under the bill, if the impaired driver is convicted of vehicular homicide of a person with children, they will be ordered to pay restitution in the form of child maintenance for each of the children effected.

The payments will continue until the kids are 18-years- old and graduate high school.

In the event that the driver is unable to pay, they will be given a full year from their release date to began making the payments.

If the child turns 18 and the payments have not been made in full, then the defendant will continue making the payments until the account is settled.

The bill aims to hold drunk drivers accountable for the lives they effect when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under in the influence and to “lift some financial burdens of kids left without parents.”

Bentley’s Law is named after the 5-year-old grandson of Cecilia Williams who was left without parents after drunk driver hit a vehicle they were traveling in.

“It will always be a constant reminder to the offender of what the person’s actions have caused,” Williams wrote.