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Lake Worth teacher arrested for vehicular homicide


LAKE WORTH BEACH, FL– A 25-year-old teacher has been arrested after investigators found that she was responsible for the fatal crash that occurred on Dec. 21 at the intersection of St. Andrews Road and Nassau Road.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported Elizabeth Owens was approaching the intersection on Nassau Road at the same time 68-year-old Willie Swoope entered the intersection and attempted to continue north. Owens struck the driver’s side of Swoope’s vehicle, causing Swoope’s fatal injury.
When authorities questioned Owens, she told them that Swoope was speeding and blew through the stop sign.
After an investigation of the crash, however, authorities determined that Owens was driving 88 mph in a 30 mph residential zone, and that Swoope was only driving 10 mph.
Resident’s also told authorities that it was not uncommon to find Owens speeding down the road.
Officials found that Owens acted with “willful or wanton disregard” and “forfeited the right of way at the intersection.”
She has since been charged with vehicular homicide.