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Lake Worth man arrested on his birthday on allegations that he was running a brothel


LAKE WORTH, FL– A Lake Worth man was arrested on his 70th birthday after investigators say he was running a brothel out of the home he was living in.
Bolivar Rodriguez was taken into custody on Wednesday following an investigation into his business dealings after a confidential informant gave another law enforcement officer a tip on Tuesday.
According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, the informant expressed concerns that a possible juvenile was working as a sex worker at a commercial sex house on South B Street.
Officials reported that they were already watching the house in another human trafficking investigation but were not aware that a juvenile was involved.
On Wednesday, authorities noticed a white van approach the home and the driver enter the home through a backdoor.
The driver was said to have left the home after 14 minutes.
Authorities followed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.
According to the report, the driver told investigators that they were at the home for commercial sex and that there were two women inside.
The driver went on to detail that at least one of the women appeared to be young.
Authorities went back to the home and shut down the operation.
Inside they found two women, two men, and Rodriguez.
Rodriguez was then identified as the person in charge and all of those involved were adults.
After being taken into custody, Rodriguez told authorities that he lives in the master bedroom of the home and received $400 a week to run the house.
He also told them that patrons paid $40 for services and that the workers received $20 and the other $20 went to the house.
Rodriguez has been charged with procuring for prostitution-living off the earnings of a prostitute and keeping a house for ill fame-using a structure for prostitution.