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Know your rights if your landlord is hiking your rent, get emergency $$ here

Soaring Rents
Krystal Guerra, 32, poses for a picture inside her apartment, which she is in the process of packing up to leave after her new landlord gave her less than a month’s notice that her rent would go up by 26%, Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022, in the Coral Way neighborhood of Miami. Guerra, who works in marketing while also pursuing a degree part-time, had already been spending nearly 50% of her monthly income on rent prior to the increase. Unable to afford a comparable apartment in the area as rents throughout the city have risen dramatically, Guerra is putting many of her belongings into storage and moving in with her boyfriend and his daughter for the time being. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

An attorney for Florida Rural Legal Services wants you to know there is a pile of federal money to help South Florida residents who can’t afford to pay their rent or utilities.

Zade Shamsi-Basha, Esq tells 805WFTL that are millions of federal dollars available to local residents who have gotten an eviction notice or who have already vacated their home.

Shamsi-Basha also explains the new West Palm Beach ordinance requiring landlords to give a 60-day notice before they can hike your rent.
Florida passed a law in 1977 banning rent control and no local governments in Florida have used the available exemption for “housing emergencies” since the law passed.
To contact Florida Rural Legal Services call 888-582-3410.
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