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Kitten left with buttons sewn to face after attack

AP Photo_John Raoux (70)
Angell Animal Medical Center

A 7-month-old kitten has been left with buttons sewn to his face after playtime with a family dog became a little too rough. The kitten named Juicebox was rushed to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston with a broken jaw and serious lacerations to his face. Veterinarians say because of the seriousness of his condition, they had to get innovative to help save the kitten’s life. “The buttons are attached to wires on both sides of his cheeks. And the buttons hold the sutures in place. But they also hold the jaw in place, so it tracks while he heals,” Rob Hapin, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explained. “It’s a fairly novel procedure, and it works really well. And then you end up with a cat that looks adorable while he’s healing.”

According to the report, Juicebox should have his buttons and stiches removed by next week. Hapin also reported that Juicebox is already showing a bit of his playful side at his foster home. Once Juicebox is fully healed he will then be eligible for adoption at a new dog-free home. Over 150 families have already registered to adopt him, according to the report.