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Kings Point damage caused by EF-2 tornado, NWS

Kings Point Tornado
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

(DELRAY BEACH, FL)– The tornado that caused widespread damage to the Kings Point community in Delray Beach on Wednesday was a category EF-2 twister according to the National Weather Service.

An EF-2 is a tornado with speeds of between 113 and 157 MPH.

Delray Tornado
Courtesy Weather Chief @Pianobike2

The tornado touched down in Kings Point at around 9:00 PM as feeder bands from Hurricane Ian swept across South Florida, flipping over cars, downing trees, and damaging buildings.

Two people were injured and required hospitalization and 35 others were left homeless after their building was declared unsafe by officials.

One person required rescuing after she became trapped in her bathroom but did not need medical treatment.

The same system that moved through Delray also spawned tornadoes in Broward County that damaged homes in Cooper City and Hollywood and destroyed nearly 20 airplanes at North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines.

There were no fatalities from the twisters.

The last person to die from a tornado impact in Florida was in 1980 when a Pompano Beach resident was swept off the 6th floor balcony of her condo as a F-3 twister passed through the area.