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KiNET-X sounding rocket launch will be epic


If you love fireworks and experiencing and epic event, then why not set your alarm for this vibrant moment in history Friday night.

A NASA rocket launch is expected to bring a “glowing phenomenon” to the Florida sky with Saturday’s scheduled launch.

Scientists use the vapor tracers primarily to study atmospheric winds in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere.

The materials that make up the vapor tracers are the same ones that make fireworks colorful.

Bermuda will have a front row seat to all the colorful vapor tracers, Central Florida will also have an opportunity to see the display as well.

Keep your eye on east low on the horizon 90 seconds to two minutes after the rocket launches from Wallop Islands, Virginia. The tracers may be seen from Maine to Florida and as far inland of the Mississippi River.

If weather again scrubs the launch, backup attempts run through May 16.