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Keys couple beats snorkeler with fishing rod for swimming too close to their waterfront home

Stock Island detention center
Stock Island detention center

A Florida Keys couple is now behind bars after they allegedly beat a snorkeler over the head with a fishing rod and pole because they believed he was swimming too close to their home.
The incident occurred on Sunday near the dock of a home on 12th Street along the Gulf of Mexico.
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says a 36-year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida was snorkeling in the waterway when he was confronted by 65-year-old Paulo De Oliveira and his wife 61-year-old Katia De Oliveira for swimming too close to their house.
The three got into an argument and that’s when the couple began beating the vacationer.
Authorities say the man was brought to an area hospital “bleeding profusely from the head. ”
The De Oliveira’s were taken into custody after authorities found surveillance video of the incident and spoke to witnesses who were docked about 25 yards from shore.

Paulo has been charged with one felony count of aggravated battery , while  Katia was charged with one misemeanor count of battery.