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Jupiter Agency Rescues 13 Dogs from Rough Conditions in Miami Home

Officials from a Jupiter-based non-profit, no-kill rescue organization recently removed 13 dogs living in “horrendous” conditions from a Miami home.

Relatives of the homeowner contacted Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic & Ranch last week to share their concerns over the welfare of the pets.

The man was willing to surrender the dogs, according to the relatives, but they wanted representatives from Furry Friends to pick up the dogs.

“They sent us pictures of these adorable, beautiful schnauzers,” says Pat Deshong, Furry Friends’ president. “We thought we were just picking up 15 dogs.”

The dogs, which range in age from eight months to about four years, were living in squalor, according to Deshong.

The home was littered with trash, while the dogs were covered in their own feces. In addition, two of them were living inside a sofa.

“The house was horrendous,” adds Deshong. “It was one of the worst hoarding situations that I and Furry Friends have ever been involved in. The animals were confined to the house.”

Courtesy: Furry Friends/Facebook