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Judge rules in favor of man traveling in van covered in anti-Semitic phrases

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (4)

A Florida judge has dropped all charges against man who was arrested after driving through a Peace in Israel rally in a van covered in anti-Semitic messages.

33-year-old Joseph Bounds of Denver, Colorado was arrested after driving slowly passed the rally in a van with messages such as “Jews killed Jesus” and “Hitler was right.”

At one point, Bounds jumped out of the van and began recording the rally.

Officers noticed that Bounds was too close to traffic and requested that Bounds get out of traffic but he refused.

He was then arrested for resisting and failure to obey an officer.

During his court date on Friday, a judge ruled that though Bounds’ behavior may have been disturbing for others, but that he did nothing wrong.

All charges against him have since been dropped and he has since been released.