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Judge allows schools to enforce school mask mandate while under appeal

California Schools Student Departures
FILE photo (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

A circuit judge as ruled that schools will be allowed to continue requiring facemasks to be worn on property while the state deliberates on whether Governor Ron DeSantis’  ban on facemasks are lawful. Judge John Cooper overturned the last weeks automatic stay on Wednesday after hearing multiple arguments about the mandates. Governor DeSantis threatened to withhold funding from schools who enforced a mask mandate without giving parents the option to opt their children out of wearing the face covering. At least 13 school districts still defied the order and were facing financial penalties. Judge Cooper said he would allow the original ruling that found the governor’s ban unlawful, to again take effect until the state’s district court appeal is complete. He also sited the Parents’ Bill of Rights which protects a district’s choice to install protections like a mask mandate provided the measure meets certain criteria if challenged. DeSantis maintains that his ban is lawful and for the greater good of school children. In response to the ruling, the governor’s team released at statement saying they “plan to file our emergency motion to reinstate the stay.”