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Journalists win 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their reporting on freedom of expression

Nobel Peace Prize
FILE – Employee shows a gold Nobel Prize medal. The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded on Friday Oct. 8, 2021. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara, File)

Journalists from the Philippines and Russia share the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their fight for truth in reporting and freedom of expression which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace.

The Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to Filipina Maria Ressa and Russian Dmitry Muratov for their efforts to promote press freedom.
Ressa is co-founder of a digital media company for investigative journalism with a focus on abuse of power, the use of violence and growing authoritarianism in the Philippines.
Muratov is editor of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which the Committee to Protect Journalists has called “the only truly critical newspaper with national influence in Russia today.”