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Joe Biden faces renewed backlash after saying George Floyd’s death had a bigger global impact than MLK’s assassination

The POTUS, Joe Biden, is facing backlash once again after comments he made in June of 2020. Biden said that the death of George Floyd in police custody is having a more significant worldwide impact than even the 1968 assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The video wаs re-posted on sociаl mediа on Mondаy (MLK Day), with mаny people criticizing Biden’s remаrks once аgаin. Others were tаken аbаck by the compаrison, cаlling it “disgusting.”

After Biden made the comments in 2020, Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, spoke out and said  “I believe that Mr. Biden continues to speak from his basement, from a reality that is different from what’s happening in the real world,” King told the Daily Caller News Foundation in June of 2020. “Why is it necessary to compare Martin Luther King Jr. and George Floyd?”

Monday, Biden posted a video pushing for voting rights, saying Americans must commit to Dr. King’s “unfinished work – of delivering jobs and justice, and protecting the sacred right to vote.”