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Jacksonville students in hot water over dead shark prank

Five Florida students who hung a dead shark from the rafters of a Jacksonville school will not be charged for the prank but could be expelled or suspended from school.

An investigation revealed the senior students got the shark, the school mascot, from a fisherman in order to honor their school which is “Home of the Sharks.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the teens gutted the shark and stored it in a friend’s freezer before hoisting it above an outside stairwell last week at Ponte Vedra High School as part of a senior prank.

Both the FWC and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office are declining to bring charges against the students.

In its report, the FWC said the shark was a bull shark and was legal to possess.

Reports say the students have been disciplined by the school district for a level four offense, meaning they could face mandatory suspension or expulsion and no senior year privileges.