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Is the Atlantic Hurricane Season a bust?

tree palm weather Hurricane or tropical storm wind buffeting palm trees

South Florida has been spared the brunt of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season.
In fact, we have only had 21 named storms for the 2021 season which ends on November 30th.
Texas, the Gulf coast and the Florida panhandle saw most of the storm activity this season.
Fortunately for new, there is no sign of any other systems developing in the near future, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.
However, forecasters can’t rule out the formation of a non-tropical storm fueling up on warm ocean water becoming somewhat tropical.
Storm watchers say that the weather pattern over the western Caribbean is forecast to be generally conducive for development.
But according to the most knowledgeable hurricane experts in South Florida, WPLG’s Brian Norcross, “For now, we can continue with the idea that the Atlantic hurricane season is over.”