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IRS says stimulus payments will begin next week

The Internal Revenue Service announced on Friday that some stimulus payments will start going out next week. People who have filed tax returns for 2018 or 2019, and have an authorized direct deposit on file will be the first to see the money.

Social Security beneficiaries will also receive their payments automatically “in the near future,” the IRS said Friday.

Those who have not filed their tax returns, or have authorized direct deposits will have to wait weeks or even months before seeing their money.

The IRS does have a new tool on their website to help low-income people who aren’t normally required to file returns to input some basic information so that they can receive the stimulus money.

The IRS also said next week they will launch a web portal that will give people whose bank account information is not on file with the agency the ability to submit it in order to get their stimulus check sooner. The web portal will also allow people to keep track of their payments.