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Investigation launched after shark found hanging outside Florida school

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(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating after a large shark was found tied up and hanging from the rafters of a high school.
The discovery was made on May 5th, at Ponte Vedra High School in St. Johns County.
Authorities say five students were captured on surveillance the day hanging the animal up:
“At approximately 9 p.m. … (5/4/22) a group of five high school students at Ponte Vedra High School hung a gutted shark on the rafters of the school courtyard,” according to Alex AuBuchon, public information director for the wildlife commission’s Northeast Region.
Officials also reported that the shark was captured on Tuesday:
“We have learned the shark was harvested Tuesday night (5/3), gutted, and stored in a freezer prior to being hung.”
Officials say they believe it was part of a senior prank because the school’s mascot is a shark.
According to reports, it is illegal to harvest certain types of sharks.
FWC is currently using photos to identify the shark because school officials disposed of the animal before contacting them.