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Investigation after parent reportedly attacked student on school bus

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Courtesy: AP Images

Authorities in Indiana are investigating after a parent reportedly boarded a school bus and began attacking a student.

The incident was said to have occurred the morning of December 13th.

The Lafayette Police Department says became involved after a video of the incident went viral and was brought to their attention.

Footage showing the parent boarding the bus and using a soda can in a sock to repeatedly strike the student, was eventually taken down from Facebook after a TV station publicized the story.

Two other students also joined in on the attack, stomping on and hitting the student as he or she laid on the ground.

According to the report, the parent left the school and went to a an area store, while the bus driver continued their route to Jefferson High School.

The student was then left at the school.

Superintendent Les Huddle, sent out a statement saying the district is aware of the incident but can not share any information about it:

“An unauthorized parent boarded the bus and attempted to solve a dispute between several students that occurred over a weekend. The Lafayette Police Department was involved immediately and is handling the case. Since this is now a police matter, I cannot share any other information.”

Authorities say they have identified at least one of the attackers but declined to release her name.

Formal charges have yet to be filed.