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Intoxicated 81-year-old Florida woman kicks officer in the groin

Lee County Sheriffs Office
Lee County Sheriffs Office

Cape Coral, FL– An 81-year-old woman has been arrested after she allegedly kicked an officer “full force” in the groin and threatened to kill him once she was uncuffed.
The incident occurred at the Fathoms Restaurant & Bar in Cape Coral around 9 p.m. on Jan. 24.
Authorities say they were called to a restaurant due to a “disturbance in progress.”
When authorities arrived, they encountered Clarella Nelson Potter, causing the disturbance and attempted to escort her to another location to talk:
“Responding officers arrived on the scene and made contact with (the woman), who was visibly intoxicated. … In an intoxicated rage, (she) grabbed one of the officers by the back of the neck (and) began slapping the officers’ hands as she was being escorted to a quieter place at the establishment.”
When authorities asked Potter for her information, she became even more aggressive so they decided to arrest her:
“While being placed in handcuffs, she began kicking officers, striking one with full force in the groin area,” police said. “En route to the (Lee County) jail, (she) claimed that she would ‘kill’ the arresting officer once she was out of handcuff(s).”
Potter is charged with disorderly conduct, three counts of battery of a law enforcement officer, and intimidation in the form of threatening death or serious body harm to a law enforcement officer, officials said.