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Instacart workers go on strike after the company does not meet demands

Employees of Instacart are reportedly on strike after they say the company’s response to their demands for more coronavirus protections was more like a “slap in the face.”

The Gig Workers Collective announced that the worker’s strike on Instacart will take place on Monday after the company’s response did little to appease their demands.

Due to the coronavirus, many families are now turning to online grocery delivery services such as Instacart to do their shopping and to cut down on the amount of time they spend in public, however, this still leaves the workers “risking their lives for pocket change.” 

Employees for Instacart specifically, are demanding that the company provide hand sanitizer and facemask to all workers, add an extra $5 in hazard pay for every trip they make, and for the company to offer sick pay for workers who have to stay home due to underlining health conditions among other demands.

After hearing from both workers and shoppers, the company has responded to the demands saying that it has sourced hand sanitizer that will ship next week, that they will enact a “leave at my door” feature to cut down on face to face interaction, 14-days of sick pay for all employees diagnosed with the coronavirus, and that part-time employees are now how access to paid time off as an accrued benefit.

Despite the response, the Gig Workers Collective says workers have been asking for change for months and that the response is too little too late.

It is unclear how many workers plan to participate in the strike, however, the impact may be significant as many people have come to relay on delivery services as a way to acquire their household basics and the company was already struggling to keep up with it’s increased demand.