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Infants body found in Ohio garbage truck

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(AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

COLUMBUS, OH– Authorities are investigating the death of an infant that was found in the back of a garbage truck earlier this month. 

The infant’s body was discovered on June 15th by a waste management employee while they did their rounds in the 100 block of Bluestem Lane. 

According to the report, the infant which was said to still have had her umbilical cord attached, was discovered within minutes of her being in the garbage truck. 

Plain City police reported that the infant was a “full-term newborn from zero to one month of age.”  

The coroner’s office is also working to determine the infant’s cause of death. 

While authorities have not determined the infant’s cause of death, they did hold a funeral Saturday in her honor.

“We really just wanted to give baby Madison Doe a final rest in peace,” Plain City Police Chief Dale McKee said. “She never had a proper life so she was definitely going to have a proper funeral.”

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for tips that could lead to the arrest of a suspect. They are asking anyone who believes they have information about this case to contact them at www.stopcrime.org.