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Infant receiving critical care after mother injected her with unknown substance

Franklin County jail
Franklin County jail

COLUMBUS, OH– A 9-month-old infant had to receive critical care at a hospital after her mother used a syringe to inject her with an unknown substance.
The incident occurred Friday afternoon at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital as the family waited with the child in a hospital room.
The staff members reported that they witnessed 26-year-old Stephanie Whitley inject the infant with an unknown substance which caused the infant to go into cardiac arrest.
The infant was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit where CPR was administered.
Medical staff were able to determine what substance was injected into the child but have not publicly released that information.
As of Monday, the infant’s condition was listed as stable.
Whitley has been taken into custody and charged with felonious assault.
No charges have been filed against the husband, however, a second child that lived in the home was removed from their custody.