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Infant left with large cut on face after C-section

A family from Denver, Colorado is reporting that their new born had to have 13 stitches after the medical staff accidently cut into her face while performing an emergency c-section.

The incident occurred earlier this month at Denver Health Hospital.

The couple says they planned to have the baby naturally but once the staff induced her, those plans changed:

“They gave me a pill to speed up my labor and a few minutes after that I was being rushed into an emergency C-section,” the child’s mother Reazjhana Williams said.

According to the report, the medical staff said that they suddenly lost the child’s heartbeat and rushed to remove her from the womb.

When the infant was taken from her mother’s womb, medical noticed the large gash on her cheek and rushed her to a plastic surgeon.

“To have your granddaughter born to come out to see the plastic surgeon, to get 13 stitches, is devastating, it’s heartbreaking,” the baby’s grandfather, Walter Williams, said.

The family says they were told the incident occurred because the infant’s face was too close to the placenta wall.

“I tried to be understanding about what happened, but on top of the fact her face got cut and a plastic surgeon had to come do it, there’s just a lot of things I’m not understanding with the C-section,” Reazjhana told Fox 31. “I’ve never heard of anybody having to deal with their baby’s face looking like this after a C-section.”

Denver Health has since released a statement to Fox 31 regarding the incident:

“Denver Health has been in touch with the family directly. While this is a known medical complication in emergency C-sections, our focus is always on providing care in the best interest of the mother and child. At Denver Health, the safety and well-being of our patients is our number one priority.”