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Infant dies after being left in hot car


An eight-month-old baby has died after she was left inside of a hot car for over an hour.
The incident occurred Tuesday in front of a home on Newbury Road.
Officials say the child’s father left her inside of the car as he worked on a house.
When the father came back to the vehicle, he found the child unresponsive and contacted the police.
“This isn’t a failure of love or a failure of attentiveness to your child. It is something that could happen to anybody,” said Amber Rollins, director of Kids and Car Safety at KidsandCars.org
Rollins suggests that parents take something with them that will remind them that the child is in the car
“Take a reminder item. Could be a diaper bag or a stuffed animal… Any time you put the child in the car seat, bring that up front as your visual cue that the child is with you.”