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Indian River County extends mask mandate

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(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Indian River County have made the decision to extend its mask mandate for the next six months.

Officials voted on Tuesday 4-1, to extend their current mask ordinance until July 13th.

Commissioners Joe Earman and Vice Chairman Peter O’Bryan were the ones who advised the six- month extension.

During the meeting O’Bryan likened the mandate to smoking indoors and drinking and driving saying that the mask prevents others from causing harm to the public.

While Commissioner Laura Moss voted in favor of the extension, she said she believed that six months was too long and that the mandate should only be extended for four months.

Chairman Joe Flescher was the only one to vote against the extension, saying that there is no purposes in having the mandate if they could not enforce it:

“We cannot enforce the mandate because there are no consequences.”

Under the ordinance those in Indian River County in public and indoor spaces or in spaces where social distancing is not applicable. After a change to the guidelines in November, however,  there will be no fines for people who do not comply with the ordinance.