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Impeachment of Donald J. Trump Could End Today

This could be the final day of the impeachment saga. Florida Senator Rick Scott said last night that he believes the senate will vote by tonight to acquit President Trump. The Florida Republican says people are tired and ready to get this over with and do something positive. He also says if the senate agreed to call more witnesses, this will never, ever end.

So what about witnesses? It appears likely Senators will vote against calling additional witnesses at the impeachment trial of President Trump.
Democrats needed four Republicans to join them to ensure they could issue subpoenas for additional evidence.
So far, they have two.
Utah’s Mitt Romney will vote for witnesses, a member of his staff confirmed this morning.
Maine’s Susan Collins said yesterday she would vote for witnesses.
Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski is expected to announce her decision this morning.
Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander announced last night that he thought the House managers proved their case, but says he will not vote for witnesses.
Democrats were hoping for a “yes” vote from Alexander to break the tie.
If the vote ends in a 50-50 tie, Chief Justice John Roberts could cast a deciding vote, but most expect him to decline to do so.