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“I’ll turn you into a woman”; Florida man arrested for allegedly stalking 6-year-old girl

(VOLUSIA COUNTY) – A Florida man of Deltona was arrested for allegedly stalking a 6-year-old girl, claiming he would “turn her into a big girl”, according to authorities.

Mark Greenburg, 55, reportedly stalked the girl while she played outside, and is accused of 11 incidents of previously harassing neighbors.

The father of the little girl told officers that Greenburg walked to his daughter outside their home, saying obscene statements including “I’m going to turn you into a big girl” and “I’ll make you famous,” according to the Volusia County sherrif’s Office.

Neighbors that witnessed Greenburg’s efforts reportedly said he was attempting to “take her to Disney.”

The sheriff’s office stated that Greenburg was taking pictures of the girl outside of her grandmother’s house.

Officers acquired a warrant for Greenburg’s arrest, and he was taken into custody Saturday, according to police reports.

The stalker faces a $5,000 bond and is charged with “aggravated stalking of a person under the age of 16.”