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‘I’ll be back’, Rogue pickaxe-wielding woman shatters windows of Pasadena home as newborn slept inside

(PASADENA, CA) — A woman was arrested and charged with felony vandalism after she used a pickaxe to shatter the window of a Pasadena home, terrifying a grandmother and newborn inside, according to authorities.

Home surveillance footage captured Beverly Baker, 65, walking towards the driveway of a house on Asbury drive Monday evening, proceeding to use a pickaxe to smash the windows.

The grandmother inside can be heard shrieking as Baker went rogue. ‘Questions, anyone?’, Baker says in the video. ‘I’ll be back. Get out!’

Baker allegedly owns several properties in the Pasadena neighborhood. Homeowner Arman Tchoukadarian told Fox11 that he had just purchased the house, and Baker may have targeted their home ‘because he’s Armenian.’

“She had no emotion, just swinging away, swinging away,” Tchoukadarian said, also expressing concern over his six-week-old daughter. “The glass shards from these giant windows were literally double her size, [they] landed right in her bassinet where my daughter was laying.”

Tchoukadarian said Baker not only damaged the windows of his family’s unfinished house, but violated their security.