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If We The People Allow It, Free Speech Will be the Final Casualty of Covid


By Stephen Diener

As Covid begins to wind down all over the world, those in power who have gained so much from it can’t seem to let it go. They cling onto their last bastion of fear and panic induced control over the masses like a dog holds on to a chew toy. You can try all you want to pull it away from them, but they are going to fight like hell to hang on to it at all costs.

There are many examples of how they try to hold onto that power, but their most efficient means of sinister acts is to squash any and all free thought and speech.

This tactic is not new. It’s been done for years by many different regimes around the globe, and in case you haven’t noticed, it’s never been done by the good guys. What makes it different this time though is that they have hidden their tyrannical ambitions under the guise of public safety and phrases like, “in the interest of public health” to achieve their goal of policing thought and speech.

It’s not like this everywhere though. In countries like Denmark, Sweden, the UK, and others, they have dropped all mandates and some cases even dropped their vax passport programs.

But in other places like Australia, Canada, and our very own US of A, the “kill free speech” playbook is in full effect.

Since the pandemic began, it became quite evident that big tech and the liberal run media were on the same page with what they wanted the general public to hear and believe as the truth. Anyone who put up anything that did not align with these narratives were quickly removed from any given platform and labeled as conspiracy theorists.

These “conspiracy theorists” dared to post things such as natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine, or that cloth masks don’t work, and for comments such as those, they had a big scarlet “CT” painted on their back for all to see. That is until those very comments that were once considered to be conspiracy theories or even worse, the liberals most loved buzz word, misinformation, were actually found out to be the truth. Who woulda thunk it, right?!

But no matter how many times the “experts” are proven wrong, that won’t stop them from telling you that they are right. They want you to shut up, stop thinking for yourself, and follow the science!

And this is the case today in the podcast realm with Joe Rogan, or in Canada with the trucker revolution. Those in power want them silenced because they dare to question. They shun and label them as “falsehood-peddling fringe” to prevent the spread of their free thinking. The media and liberal talking heads say that Joe Rogan is promoting misinformation, (there’s that word again), by asking questions and thinking for himself when it comes to covid. God forbid we have an actual discussion about it rather than just being told what to believe right?

It’s gotten so bad for Joe, that after multiple protests by crotchety old hippie rockers and complaints from the social media sheep herd, Spotify finally decided to cave to a certain degree and remove over 100 episodes of Rogan’s podcast. All because he dared to question the establishment and the covid media machine. That is the reason, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Things aren’t much better for the Canadian trucker revolutionists who are fighting to get any and all covid mandates revoked. Their scumbag coward of a leader, Justin Trudeau, left the capital city and went into hiding where he promptly held a press conference to call all of the dissidents racists and hateful. Why is that, Trudeau? Because they are trying to defy your tyranny that you have put them under?

As an example of what has gone on there, Canada had and may still have a program where the police would come to your house to check in on you and make sure you or anyone in your family hadn’t left the house. If you were found to be absent, then you had 15 minutes to get home before getting hauled off to jail. Fun stuff right?

The most recent blow to the Canadian freedom fighters has been the dismissal of over 9 million dollars in funds raised on the sham site, gofundme.com. The overlords on that site just flat out decided to refuse any of the money that was raised for the truckers and instead issue refunds to all those who donated. But hey, if you are a BLM activist and burn down cities, than it’s all good right?

It is indeed scary times for those who dare to think, or speak for themselves, or even worse, protest for their rights of freedom. Those who do so, have to be willing to take some heat. Freedom isn’t free. Never has been, never will be. And if it means keeping our God given rights and freedoms, then we can’t let the wanna be dictators scare us into submission.

Keep fighting the good fight, don’t give into intimidation.

Speak for yourself, think for yourself, and stay free!


Disclaimer – “In Your Face” is a weekly Sunday editorial by Stephen Diener and the views and opinions expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of 850 WFTL.