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“I take great pride”; Kamala on scrubbed Artemis Launch

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Jan. 20, 2021. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

(CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA) – NASA scrubbed the highly-anticipated Artemis Launch due to technical issues on Monday.

The Artemis program aims to plant humans back on the moon, eventually paving the way for missions to Mars.

“There are millions of components, of this rocket and its’ systems,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson. “The complexity is daunting when you bring it all into the focus of a countdown.”

Nelson commented on the presence of VP Harris to CBS: “Kamala had a very productive visit, and I expect that you would see her at a future launch.”

Despite the setback, Kamala praised the historical achievements of our space program.

“I take great pride,” Harris told reporters. “We as Americans take great pride in the space program, historically and today.”

“We have, and we continue to be, a leader.

NASA is reportedly solving the engine difficulties and will attempt to conduct the launch Friday.

An update will be released later today on the rescheduled launch.