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‘I am in a tornado’: Driver swallowed up by storm in Grapevine

(GRAPEVINE, TX) — 5 people were injured in a potential tornado that touched down in Grapevine, Texas Tuesday morning, according to reports.

Shocking video captures Blake Foster driving through severe weather, when he noticed a tornado formation right above him.

“I’m in a tornado,” Foster says, as aggressive rain and debris begins smashing into his vehicle.

An umbrella and trash can clashed into his Toyota Tundra, being his only shelter. A couple minutes pass, and Foster recognized he was safe with no injuries.

Witnesses said debris flung onto the roads of Hwy. 114, hitting passing cars cars.

According to sources, an estimated 8,000 customers of Oncor Electric Delivery were left without power Tuesday morning,.

The National Weather Service is anticipated to examine the impacted area in Grapevine to measure wind levels and determine whether the storm was a tornado.