Hurricane Tips: Your Vehicle

Sean Dillon

1  Make sure to document your car – Take photos of the inside and outsides of your vehicle in the event of hurricane damage or flooding, you may need them to make a claim.

2  Make copies of important vehicle documents like your registration and vehicle insurance. Then store them both in separate plastic bags or containers. Leave one copy in your vehicle and take one you take with you.

3 Avoid driving during and immediately after the storm if you can. If it is not a possibility, make sure to be cautious and avoid downed power lines, debris, and flooded streets. Standard vehicles can be swept away in just a foot of water.

4. Reinforce your vehicle’s windows- Use masking tape on the insides of your windows to reinforce them. Then Make a Crisscross from each corner It may not keep your windows from breaking, but if they do break, it’ll make clean up much easier.

5 Park your vehicle up against a building or your home.  The building can provide shelter from some flying debris and may even prevent the wind from picking up a smaller vehicle. However, watch out for debris that may fall from the building or home.

6 Cover your car- covering your car with a padded tarp will protect it from small flying debris like tree limbs etc.

7 Put together an emergency kit – In the event that your home or residence is no longer safe and you need to flee, you will not have time to pack your bags. Make sure to have an emergency kit packed and already in the vehicle.

8  Remove unnecessary external accessories- if you have a bike rack on your vehicle or an extra antenna etc. Make sure to take those items off of your vehicle. In the event of hurricane force wind and or rain, they are likely to fly off or damage your car.

9 Gas – make sure your car is topped off with gas and any other necessary fluids. If you have to drive, you do not want to find yourself stuck on the side of the road or looking for a gas station. (if you end up needing a gas station after the power goes out here are a list of gas station who are able to pump without power)

10 Park your car in the garage. If you do not have one, try to find a nearby parking garage that will allow you to leave your vehicle overnight. Make sure to ask before just leaving your vehicle some places will have your car towed if it is left overnight, while other establishments are charging a steady rate to leave your car.  Paying for parking cost a lot less than paying for a car.

Some places that are allowing you to leave your vehicle in Palm Beach County are:

  • Palm Beach International Airport – You can park your car, however, you will be charged the steady rate.
  • CityPlace – CityPlace is charging customers a steady rate of $10 a night to park their vehicles in their garage, however, they advise not parking your vehicle on the roof.
  • West Palm Beach’s five city garages- are free to the public, however, they are first come first serve.
  • Banyan & Olive Garage – 200 Banyan Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • City Center Garage – 400 Banyan Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Clematis Garage – 500 Banyan Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Evernia Garage – 333 Evernia St West Palm Beach, FL 33401
  • Sapodilla Garage – 600 Clematis St West Palm Beach, FL 33401




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