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Hungry Hippo swallows infant whole, then ‘throws him up alive’

Getty Images
Getty Images

(UGANDA, AFRICA) — A 2-year-old boy was swallowed whole by a hippopotamus after his parents left him unattended on the shores of a lake.

The toddler, Paul Yiga, was playing near Lake Katwe in the town of Katwe Kabatoro, Uganda on Sunday, when a rogue hippo clashed out of the waters and swallowed him half way, according to Capital FM Uganda.

Authorities say locals witnessed the bizarre ambush, and began bombarding the beast with stones.

The overwhelmed hippo then vomited the boy back up alive and retreated into the lake.

The lucky boy was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. He later gained consciousness  and was discharged, according to the news outlet.

The World Animal Protection charity says Hippos are the third largest mammals and deemed to be the deadliest large land animal on Earth.